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My name is François, i'm a 26 years old belgian student, studying Digital Art in Brussels and moving in Lisboa in september til the end of january.

I'm searching for a place to share with other people, in the center of the city, as I will study at the Belas Artes of ULisboa, situated around Baixa-Chiado.

As a true belgian, I love sharing beers around a good meal, vegetarian if possible. I'm in love with music and nature. I have always lived with other people since I began to study, and everybody felt in love with me, pure truth ! I'm clean, quiet, helpful, and like to cook !

I speak french, english, a bit of spanish and also a a bit dutch.

If you are searching for a flatmate, please let me know ! I'll be in Lisboa on the 6th of september. Looking forward to discover my new family !



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Postado há 13 agosto 2019